That we carry

That we carry!

In recent years the range of the buyer of products has grown and that pleases, not only from foreign supplies, but mostly due to domestic producers..
НBut with the emergence of something new, and new issues arise, how, at what temperature should be stored and transported a raw material. Moreover, now there are a number of products with special storage mode.

To avoid situations where randomly used the wrong temperature range, now used a special computer tracking system for climate, associated with central cooling machine, which can produce a graph of temperature inside the cooler for any time spent there product. This system provides not only control, but also helps the product owner, eliminates product losses during transport.

Thus, it is very important before shipping to determine the temperature of your product and install the individual program.

Not the generally accepted parameters and standards, we offer the following list of products, which we offer and read the conditions of storage and handling!

[iceaccordion] [accordionslide title="TRANSPORTATION OF MEAT, FISH, POULTRY"] Meat food product that requires certain conditions for storage of perishable skills. The process of transport of meat is responsible and must be in compliance with all regulations and standards. Defining the conditions and time of meat products, select the desired type of thermal processing meat for transport. More... » [/accordionslide] [accordionslide title="TRANSPORTATION OF DAIRY PRODUCTS"] Milk and products of its processing are perishable products. To this kind of products, special rules apply, and standards of handling, transport and road transport.More... » [/accordionslide] [accordionslide title="TRANSPORTATION OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLE"] Vegetables fruits need a person to replenish the essential vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances of plant origin. Therefore, despite its simplicity, the transport of fruit and vegetables must be paid no less attention than other products. At lower temperatures results in loss of palatability of the collapse of a number of nutrients, higher temperature reduces retention periods. More... »[/accordionslide] [accordionslide title="TRANSPORTATION OF BEVERAGES"] This kind of product can be divided into things and alcohol! More... » [/accordionslide] [accordionslide title="SHIPMENT OF CANNED PRODUCTS"] Canned products of various kinds are the most undemanding (of food) load to carry. More... » [/accordionslide] [accordionslide title="TRANSPORTATION OF CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS"] Transportation of confectionery has many features that make carriers and shippers to take special measures for the transport and logistic scheme. More... » [/accordionslide] [accordionslide title="TRANSPORT HYGIENE AND PERFUMERY"] The vast majority of perfumery and cosmetic products, and hygiene products is delivered to Russia from foreign countries. Major manufacturers and suppliers of these products are Germany, Poland, France and Italy. More... » [/accordionslide] [accordionslide title="TRANSPORT MEDICINE"] Transportation of drugs, farmkomponentov and raw materials for the production of drugs is a difficult and responsible task. Therefore, the transport of medicines and there are special requirements. More... » [/accordionslide] [accordionslide title="TRANSPORTATION OF FLOWERS AND PLANTING MATERIAL"] It should be noted that the flowers-load unusually cranky and demanding conditions of storage and transportation. For the transport of different types of plants, special conditions must be created to preserve the fragile goods for as long as possible. More... » [/accordionslide] [/iceaccordion]