Truck, refrigerator – trucks, trailers and semitrailers with heat insulated (isothermal) vans equipped with refrigeration units, that support the cargo compartment specified temperature.

To date, auto interiors are one of the best options for the carriage of goods. Thanks to powerful engines, moved quickly enough, and the daily mileage of up to 1000 km.

With this type of car there are long-distance transportation of perishable goods from food to chemicals.

For the transport of foodstuffs, it is necessary to remember about the groups temperature regimes. More details of the temperature for the different product groups, you can in the "things we carry".

The temperature generated inside the van, refrigerated trucks for transportation are divided into classes based on the reduced temperature.

There are also reverse the situation where the goods are not cool, and heat. Then use refrigerators with heat settings. They are transported in the cold season, canned goods, juices, wines, etc.

The main difference is the biggest and plus OUR refrigerated trucks in that they use the latest equipment with klimatkontrolem. This allows you to set the temperature and humidity required for your shipment and if necessary change them at any time.

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