International refrigerated transportation across Europe, Russia and CIS countries

Look for the international refrigerated transport ?

 Working with our company you will be able to evaluate our professional quality.

Our company successfully provides professional services in the field of reefer cargo transportation through Europe, Russia and CIS countries (exports and imports).

Our goal is long term and mutually beneficial cooperation, so to each client is been pre-treated individually. Our experience in the field of reefer cargo transportation in Russia, CIS countries and Europe, allows maximum advantage to save your cost, time, and ensure the safe delivery of goods within clearly defined time frames.

Our qualified specialists in the field of logistics carefully considered details and nuances of the proposed carriage of specific groups of products, which is especially important when transporting the power oduktov p. We know how carefully you need to refer to this category of goods, which requires careful temperature control, because our company is not only a carrier and the cargo owner.

We have a completely new fleet, control and support the required temperature, which helps ensure reliable transportation, strict compliance with health standards and the safety of your cargo from loading to unloading. Our main line is shipping food, including across the border in Russia.

The entire fleet is equipped with up-to-date monitoring systems-GPS tracking, allowing you to control the time vehicles and to monitor temperature in refrigerators.

In addition, we have chosen our team drivers with international experience from 20 years professionals! That much important in the provision of such services.

We guarantee:

  • Responsibility and integrity
  • Delivery exactly on time
  • No delays!
  • Full safety of your cargo
  • Individual approach
  • Save your money, time and effort

We will be happy to demonstrate our professionalism in practice!

International transportation of food products for Europe and the CIS countries, Russia's domestic transport company EMPIRE